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welcome to the graphics page! i've collected a lot of cool gifs and images from around the web, and in order to avoid losing them, i've decided to keep them here. i hope you enjoy them and maybe use them on your own website if you like! :D

i like using patterned images as backgrounds, especially if they're glittery. here are a bunch of my favourites (mainly flower prints) that don't look like poop when they're tiled!

here are a whole bunch of userboxes that i stole from tumblr

here are some vegan stamps:

here are some good websites for cat gifs and other graphics:

  1. glitter-graphics: my all time favourite graphics website with tons of backgrounds, gifs, divider images and blinkies
  2. jansgraphics: a whole lot of graphics organised very well on pretty backgrounds
  3. diabellalovescats: tons of vintage cat graphics
  4. cybergata: big mix of various cat graphics
  5. bellsnwhistles: a bunch of different gifs, has some very nice bullet points (like these!)
  6. scubamom: cute fishy and underwater gifs
  7. curlie: archive of links to gif website (some are unfortunately down, but most work)

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