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welcome to my warrior cats page!

i first read warrior cats in 6th grade, when i was 11. i loved the books and quickly read the first 3 series and a bunch of the super editions, because at the time i went to a school that had a huuuge library full of english books. personally i own the first series, mothflight's vision, and the ultimate guide!

my favourite warrior cats characters are:

  1. firestar (i know it's generic haha)
  2. mistyfoot and bluestar
  3. crookedstar (my favourite book might even be crookedstar's promise)
  4. tawnypelt
  5. mudfur
  6. sandstorm
  7. squirrelflight
  8. cinderpelt
  9. brackenfur
  10. tallstar
  11. hollyleaf
  12. yeah... it's hard to choose just a few..

i have (nearly) all the warrior cat books as pdfs on my google drive. you can download or read them if you want by clicking the link below :3

warrior cat books on google drive!