hi, my name is flamestep, and i'm a dutch student in highschool. i made this website to practice some html and css. i also want to keep all my images/graphics in a place where i won't lose them. :3 feed two birds with one scone!

my hobbies are drawing and painting (mainly watercolours, some pencils and copic markers), horseriding, coding, browsing imageboards, yoga and microscopy.

i've been vegan for about half a year and vegetarian for 14 months (i'll have a page dedicated to links about this soon, hopefully!). my favourite bands and artists are: eminem, fleetwood mac, taylor swift, genesis and britney spears. my favourite movies are the lion king, the godfather, silence of the lambs, pirates of the carribean, balto, and spirit stallion of the cimarron. i also love warrior cats! i hope you like my website!